Writing Summary
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All projects listed below are
registered with the WGA East,
finished scripts, listed here as
feature script, are registered
with the library of congress for
Feature Films
Original Feature Script: The Last Bar
currently in development.
Former deep cover FBI agent Alex Beniaminio runs
compulsive surveillance on the bad guys he didn't
catch, assists in protective, vigilante activities with a
guy who faked his own death, and has to deal with
his family and home neighborhood thinking he's a
career criminal... and then he gets into even more

www.thelastbarmovie.com (longer teaser)
Adaptation Feature Script: Death's Impossible Return
(novel adaptation of best-seller author, written by permission of novel's author; inquire for more information)
Original/Adaptation Feature Script: Goldenwolf
Fantasy-Adventure (think pseudo-renaissance culture Conan as one of a bumbling kind
of Three Musketeers)
In world where Germany's culture is strongly influenced by Arabian Nights culture, costume, and
politics -- a Warrior given a gold wolf medallion right before he was drafted into the army, a
womanizing Mage, and a female Thief attempt to discover the truth about the Goldenwolf Family
without getting killed in the process.
This script is an
adaptation of a
more heavily
plotted graphic
Comics and Animation
A television series - animation or live action -
pilot written and see the comic book series it is
based on here:
Heroes In Birmingham
based on the
comic book script
© by
Kadushin and
Metatron, A Philosophical Cabaret
"X-Files" type plotting collides
with not-so-dainty fairies, fuzzy-things
with attitude, and the very real-world rape
and murder of a young woman by
well-known crook pretending to be a preacher.
Yeah, for television, we're talking TV-PG.....
© 2002 by Eric Lurio and
Rachel Kadushin.
Images by Eric Lurio.
Feature Film Treatments
Original Feature Treatment: Women in Action
Women Buddy Film/Action-Adventure/Family
Laurel and Roberta are both 50-something career women
with gifted  "think-tank" teenaged children, but that -
and a disrespect for each other - is all they have in
common until their children get kidnapped and no
ransom notes appears. Roberta, the aerobics studio
owner/manager, and Laurel, the police public relations
manager who had real street training, are determined to
find and rescue their children -- even if they have to do it
Original Feature Treatment: The Weight of the World Today
Kung-Fu Cheerleaders/Teen Angst/Crime-Drama
At a high school where many good teachers and good
students have been transferring away due to the student
drug gangs and high rate of after-school shootings -- a new
student, who is a female martial artist, joins the
cheerleaders, teaches them self-defense, gets a crush on an
undercover DEA agent, and finally challenges the power
structure of one of the major drug gangs
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In a world where costumed, crime-fighting adventures
who are not sponsored by a corporation are rare, five
different kinds of loners band together to fight crime and
save their city from threats that the government isn't
prepared to deal with.
Other Teleplays and Television
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