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FlapJack, N-Ergyzer, Photonia, The Solution, and Roof Girl (clockwise). 5 people who are
used to solving crimes and saving people on their own in their own neighborhoods and towns.
Their world suddenly gets bigger when FlapJack a.k.a.
Mercutio Bishop literally explodes
into The City of Birmingham, and his genuine desire to help people stretches the local law
about costumed adventurers working as licensed public performers to its limits.
N-Ergyzer a.k.a. inventor Giley Minkov had already worked as a technical consultant to the
police, Photonia a.k.a Willow has an amazing self-generated power-blast. Yet, Photonia is
sometimes called Waif Girl, for good reason, she's very jumpy. Despite Willow's severe
memory loss, she's sure there are people out to get her and FlapJack meets Photonia
rescuing her from one such person!
The Solution a.k.a. Tucker Stokes was once a corporate spy.... he
can read surface thoughts, and never once let the authorities know!
Despite the fact it will take a while for the other Heroes In
Birmingham to trust him, The Solution feels he can make a
difference working with them as an investigator, and hiding his
mental powers in plain sight!
Roof Girl a.k.a Aileen volunteered herself to a job no one else
wanted or cared about: Roof Girl protected those who lived outside
of society on the high-wind roof-landing of Centertown. Roof Girl
hasn't had a true friend in years, and when she meets FlapJack,
who needs to go ground-side to explore and live in the City of
Birmingham, Aileen finds herself drawn to his energy - and the
mystery of a man who can get explosively blown out of a building,
land as flat as a pancake -er- flapjack and walk away from it
determined in his goal to help other people.
Layout and Design

All character design including
images of charactersand detailed
scripts for first five issues,
character bios registered with
library of congress.
by Kadushin & Caldwell

Original illustrations

Pilot for Heroes In Birmingham
Animated series and series
registered with Writer's Guild
of America, East
and co-design of
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© TXu 685-683
Character Sketches by Ed Meares
- Issue #1 through Issue #3 Illustrator
by M.C. Ling

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